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Killka Gallery opened in 2006, Galería Killka is a space designed to show and offer for sale the works of art of renowned local, national and international artists. Its schedule includes four exhibits per year, one every season.


Sara Matthews, Cristina Hobbs y Mema Hanon

12/12/2015 - 31/03/2016

Salentein winery presents "Landscapes with Wine" an exhibition by renowned artists Sara Matthews, Cristina Hobbs and Mema Hanon. The exhibit will run from December 12 to March 31, 2016 in the Killka Salentein gallery where Anabel Simionato is the curator assisted by Agustina Romero and Mariano Garcia

The exhibition is focused on how and why artists involved wine in their work with the natural world and landscapes. This exhibition is a celebration, a tribute to the cosmos and the wine and horizons that surround it. Three visions, three approaches, three proposals that reflect the deep connections of each artist with the territory and its most emblematic and distinguished beverage. "Landscapes with Wine" will be open from Tuesday to Sunday and holiday Mondays, from 10 to 18 hours in Killka Salentein (Ruta 89, Km 14, Los Arboles, Tunuyán, Mendoza).

For reservations and / or questions, please contact: or telephone: +54 02622-429523 / 27


Sara Matthews.

The artist explores the wine regions of the world, photographing vineyards, wineries, wine growers and wine communities. She lives in Brooklyn (New York), but her work includes commissions throughout the United States, Chile, France, Italy, Argentina, and anywhere in the world where wine is made.

With her husband, Thomas Matthews, an important figure in the wine world, she shares a passion for winemaking. Including her book A City in the Vineyards, published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in 1993, she has completed seven books, including: Mendoza, our terroir, Chile: The Art of Wine; Washington: The State of Wine and Wines of Chile's Carmenare. She has exhibited internationally, including exhibitions in the United States, Argentina, Chile and France.

Cristina Hobbs.

Born in 1984 in Hanover, Germany, Cristina Hobbs is an artist who now lives in Sebastopol, California. In 2011, she earned a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts in Painting from California College of the Arts. Hobbs shares her time between the wine regions of Northern California and Argentina.

Her parents were born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Together with her husband, Paul Hobbs, renowned winemaker and consultant to various wineries in the United States, Europe and South America, Cristina visited Salentein in 2008 and fell in love with its unique landscape. Then she worked with Sara Matthews, which allowed her to acquire a deeper insight of Argentina and culture, and later show that through their individual work.

Mema Hanon.

Born in San Rafael, Mendoza in 1963. A self-taught artist and multifaceted maker. Her curiosity has led her to travel through different artistic disciplines such as pottery, painting with mud and oil. The goal is to discover the expressive character of wine, with its hidden colors and different expressions. Thus, her creative impulse, fueled by her own world, is enriched by the noble vines.



Killka Salentein is the place where art, nature, wine and fine dining meet at Salentein. This art space has an important collection of contemporary Argentine and Dutch art of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In the gallery, three annual exhibitions of renowned national and international artists are organized.

In 2008, Killka Salentein was awarded the World Gold Award in the category Art and Culture in the Best of the Great Wine Capitals Competition.


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