Bodegas Salentein



The goal of Salentein is to make the highest quality Argentine wines, while respecting and supporting the natural environment and the community where the wines are created, and the people behind their production.

Bodegas Salentein is committed to respecting the natural environment. This approach includes:

  • First Argentine winery to be carbon footprint certified from grape to consumer for its wine Portillo Malbec.
  • ISO 14001: 2004 (Environmental Management System) certified in December 2011.
  • Water treatment programs recycle all water used in the production processes.
  • Maximum water conservation through drip irrigation in 100% of the vineyards.
  • Energy consumption reduction through efficiency plans and education--ongoing research into renewable energy sources such as solar and hydroelectric power.
  • Sustainable viticulture and agricultural techniques, striving for natural balance in the ecosystem.
  • Avoidance of pesticides and minimal use of herbicides.
  • Use of native flora as cover crops.
  • Preservation of more than 120 acres of native desert habitat.
  • All organic matter produced from vineyard and wine production activities is returned to the land as natural fertilizers.
  • A recycling program for waste materials from the production process.
  • The use of recycled materials in wine bottles and packaging.

Salentein’s company culture is founded on respect ―respect among the employees toward the company, one another and the world. Employees eat communally in a dining hall, senior managers side by side with field workers. The grounds are kept spotless as a sign of respect toward the workplace. Salentein shows respect for its local community in many ways, including encouraging employees to volunteer in neighboring public schools.